As if it isn’t annoying enough getting junk mail through the post, it can be even more upsetting when it is addressed to a deceased loved one.

Fortunately, there is help at hand.

The Bereavement Register is a free service that helps put a stop to post being sent to people that have passed away, reducing the levels of distress caused to their relatives and friends. Once you have registered the details of the deceased person, the information is entered into a secure data bank. Any company wishing to mail out details of its products and services will be able to check their mailing list against the information held on the Bereavement Register. This will inform the company that your family member or friend has died and will put a stop to any future mailings. Many of these companies update their databases daily or weekly so the effects of the register should be almost immediate.

The Bereavement Register form is available from our offices, or alternatively we are able to register for you if you would like to supply us with copies of the death certificate.

More information can be found on the Bereavement Register website at