A service fit for a Queen

We treat each and every funeral service individually, with the utmost compassion and dignity.

Choose from cremation, church burial or natural burial.

Our family members will collect the deceased from their place of passing and return them to us. We will look after your loved one’s preparation and care until the day of the funeral.

A high-quality coffin is included.

On the day of the funeral, we will transport your loved one in a hearse for the service, followed by burial or cremation.

Limousine to transport family or friends. 

Natural ashes casket to return your loved one to you,

Our Services

Direct Cremation

A simple, beautiful, direct to cremation service.

Simple Funerals

A simple, beautifully presented simple funeral service offering.

Full Service

A full service with every aspect thoughtfully taken care of.

Custom Funerals

A funeral service that is unique in every way.

Here when you need us

We are here to help support and guide you through this difficult time with a variety of funeral services to best suit your loved one’s preferences. Just send us a message using the form below, detailing a time that suits you, and we will give you a call back to discuss your requirements.