Memorial jewellery

The idea of parting with the ashes of a loved one is a hard decision to make. The thought of scattering ashes can take families years, as they feel they cannot separate themselves from their loved ones. Thus, it has become a popular solution to turn ashes into memorial jewellery.

Memorial jewellery only requires a minimal amount of ashes to deliver a specialised gem, so you can keep your loved ones close, and still scatter their ashes somewhere special.

The memorial piece doesn’t necessarily require ashes. It can be made with a lock of hair, or even a dried flower from the funeral, set into a pendant. Memorial jewellery isn’t just about what you are sealing inside, but what it represents. It is an overtly romantic, personal piece of art that stays close to the heart.

Memorial jewellery enables families to create unique and priceless heirlooms to store the memories of their loved ones. It allows them to hold them near and pass on their memory to family in the future.

Whilst jewellery is by far the most common method to keep someone close, there are many other options available, from teddy bears that can contain ashes in a secure pouch, to paperweights and other desk items we can supply just about anything that you want.

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