For those who would like to have everything sorted for when they pass, then a “living wish” is for you.

This allows you to plan in advance just how your funeral is to be conducted, from the wordings on the headstone to where you would like to be buried.

Chatting with our family and friends about what we want from a funeral will not only help consolidate your thoughts, but can also help to take the pressure off loved ones when the time comes to arrange for your funeral.

When you make a “living wish” with us, we will carefully make a note of your wishes and your wants, and plan the complete funeral service with you.

There is no charge for this, and we simply keep the information in a file to aid your family and friends when the time comes.

Here are some things to consider in your “living wish”:

  • Would you like to be buried or cremated?
  • Where should this happen? Is there an existing grave you should be placed in to be with a loved one? If cremated, what should happen to your ashes after the cremation – should they be kept or scattered?
  • Do you want a religious representative of a specific faith, or someone independent to lead your service? What type of service do you want? Religious, Humanist or Informal?
  • Would you like a big or small ceremony? Just close family and friends? Or everyone you know?
  • Are there any music, poems, prayers, or readings that you do, or don’t, want to be included?
  • Are you entitled to have your coffin covered with an insignia or flag?
  • Would you like floral tributes, or would you rather a collection be made in your memory to a charity? If so which charity?
  • Would you like a memorial service, wake or gathering – and if so any specifics?

The living wish has no financial costs involved, nor is it legally binding and can be changed at any time. It will take the pressure from your loved ones when the time comes to arrange your funeral at an already difficult time.