Price Comparison

Wealden Funeral Services believe that our prices should be transparent and fair. You should be in a position to shop around and get value for your money with funerals as your do with your car insurance. The table shows a snap shot of prices for local funeral directors to provide you with a simple comparison.

This comparison is of a simple cremation at Wealden Crematorium, and is taken from Web Site pricing of the companies on 7th April 2021.

Simple Cremation

Wealden Funerals Tester & Jones Heathfield Funerals CPJ Field Group
Fuller & Scott
Funeral Director Charges £2,080 £2,790 £3,530 £2,929
Third Party Costs £1,187 £1,187 £1,187 £1,187
Total Funeral Cost £3,267 £3,977 £4,717 £4,116
How do Funeral Director charges compare?
These are the charges that a funeral director makes to perform the services that they offer.
Collection and conveyance of the deceased to our premises from a local nursing home, hospital or private house. £100 £220 £195 £336
Professional service charge for attending to all arrangements, preparation of documentation, liaising with appropriate authorities, and care of the deceased prior to cremation. £1,250 £1,450 £1,950 £1,728
Funeral Director attendance to oversee day of funeral. £Included £130 £95 £Included
Hire of our funeral hearse. £200 £290 £300 £478
Team of four professional bearers on the day of funeral. £280 £350 £300 £Included
Basic Veneer Wood Effect Coffin, with furniture £250 £350 £690 £387
What are the Third Party Costs?
Third party costs are payments that we make to other parties on your behalf for services provided. These should be passed onto you at cost.
Wealden Crematorium Fees Weekday for an Adult
Other crematorium are available at different prices.
£885 £885 £885 £885
Doctors Fee's for Cremation Paperwork
This charge is set by Government, and during COVID is only for one Doctor
£82 £82 £82 £82
Celebrant or Minister
This is for the person that will actually take the ceremony
£220 £220 £220 £220

Direct to Cremation

With a direct to cremation, your loved one is transported to our premises, cared for until a cremation date, and then taken to the crematorium for cremation. We will help with the paperwork and offer advice all the way through the process.

There is no service at the crematorium with this option. Most families decide to have a "celebration of life" / memorial gathering at a later date with the ashes.

Wealden Funerals Tester & Jones Heathfield Funerals CPJ Field Group
Fuller & Scott
Direct Cremation Fees £1,499 £2,003 £1,995 £2,015
  1. This price comparison is built from information gathered from the companies web site on the 7th April 2021, and is taken to be their price correct at this time.
  2. Wealden Funeral Services, make no guarantee that the prices shown are what the company analysed is charging for the services now.
  3. You should always shop around for all products, including funeral services, and you should contact the companies in question to confirm their accurate "Today" price with them.
  4. We will update these prices from time-to-time as more accurate information becomes available and is released to the public domain.
  5. Wealden Funeral Services welcomes the era of total openness, both in terms of pricing and corporate ownership of funeral company.