Creating a funeral plan is something that most people simply don’t want to think about. It is a reminder that at some point the inevitable will happen to us. Yet, we take out life insurance for the same event without blinking an eyelid.

What is a funeral plan?

A funeral plan is a way of paying off the cost of the funeral you want ahead of time so that not only can you make sure that your loved ones are not saddled with the increasing cost of your funeral it also reduces the stress of trying to arrange your funeral whilst they are grieving your loss. Additionally, funeral plans that are arranged through us guarantee the funeral directors cost will not rise from the agreed fee.  Thus, you are setting the funeral price at today’s prices.

Any funeral plan that you take out, is not just a pile of money sitting and waiting to be used for your funeral, it is planning your own funeral so that every aspect is taken care of, and your loved ones don’t need to worry about planning anything.  A funeral plan is against you but is really for the benefit of your loved ones and will help to make your passing easier to deal with – there is after all a lot to deal with when someone passes.

Any money that is paid into a funeral plan, goes direct to the ring-fenced trust that is not only secure, but is overseen by a panel of independent and qualified trustees.  Purchasing a funeral plan today will cost slightly more than the price of a funeral at today’s prices as there will be a trust management fee added to the cost, as well as a trust cost for the setting up of the plan.

Is my investment safe?

The simple answer is yes, and it’s getting safer.  We have all read the stories of funeral plan companies going into administration, and not being able to cover the costs of investments they hold.  Fortunately, these occur very rarely.  We have always partnered with the biggest independent funeral plan provider – Golden Charter.   From July 2022, Funeral Plan Providers will need to be registered and will be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.  Golden Charter are at the forefront of this new registration and will be fully compliant earlier than needed.  When you also take into consideration that Golden Charter Plans are also transferrable to another independent funeral directors should anything happen to our company, you can see why we believe that all investments in funeral plans – when done right – are safe.

Why choose a Golden Charter Funeral Plan from us?

There are a wide number of companies offering funeral plans, both through high street branches, and more and more there are companies offering their services on-line.  It is important as with any financial investment that you do your investigation.  Is the offer on-line a lot cheaper than others?  Is there a reason for this?  Am I getting the best value for my funeral?  Would a company like Wealden Funerals be able to provide the same guaranteed service for significantly less investment?  These are all important factors that should be investigated to make sure you are getting the most from your investment.

When you have chosen to arrange your plan through Wealden Funeral Services, the process could not be any easier.   Your first step will be to contact one of funeral arrangers and make an appointment – either at your home, at one our branches, or even online using video link to discuss your requirements.  We will then put together a package for you and tell you how much your funeral plan will cost.  We will discuss the payment options available to you based upon age.  Once you have all the information in front of you, all you need to do is tell us to go ahead, and we will take care of all the set-up and paperwork for you.  Any payments due will be made direct to the funeral plan trust.  Finally, you can sit back with complete peace of mind that you have everything sorted and the pressure is released from your family.

Advantages of Our Funeral Plans

There are many advantages of choosing our funeral plans which we will be happy to discuss with you, however in summary the primary reasons are:

  1. We use Golden Charter as our funeral plan provider.  Golden Charter are the biggest provider of funeral plans to independent funeral directors in the UK.
  2. Golden Charter are at the forefront of becoming FCA approved to safeguard your money in the trust
  3. Golden Charter funeral plans are transferrable between funeral directors should anything happen to us
  4. We offer complete security for both your money and your personal information
  5. Absolutely everyone is eligible for a funeral plan
  6. There are several payment options providing payment flexibility to you
  7. We are a true independent family owned and operated funeral directors – and probably the friendliest you will meet.

To find out more about each of our Funeral Plans and the advantages of choosing us, contact us today.